Ottawa Bluesfest Goes Green

By on July 11th, 2008

I am very happy to see that the Ottawa Bluesfest is concerned about the environment. When walking on the site to go to the Three Days Grace concert there were green t-shirts all over the place making sure that garbage was picked up and that recycling bags were changed regularly to ensure people would recycle.

I use Biodiesel in my tour buses and trucks, and I’m so excited to be playing a festival that’s gone green! said Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Bonnie Raitt, who headlined on the Bluesfest Main Stage in 2006.

What you see below is a PlascoEnergy green garbage can. The company and the City of Ottawa built a facility that will process up to 85

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tonnes per day of unsorted municipal solid waste and generate electricity to power the entire process and approximately 3600 Ottawa households. These cans were everywhere on the Bluesfest site.

In response to the positive feedback from the public for greening efforts over the past few years, Bluesfest organizers have decided to continue working with sponsors—specifically Molson Canada and Rothsay Biodiesel—to maintain specific initiatives for 2008.

I especially liked the plastic bottles and aluminum cans receptacle known as the ClearStream CycleMax that you see below. Field studies have proven that the ClearStream is extremely successful in the recovery of recyclable materials and greatly reduces the amount of litter sent to landfill sites. The transparency of the bag shows the public what they accomplish so they can appreciate the direct result of their participation in local recycling efforts.