Greenliving: Green superstore, Charity for Sustainability, Staycation

By on July 18th, 2008

: Could you adopt a lifestyle where you bought nothing and lived off the discards of other people? Freegans are doing just that and it’s easier than you think.

: When a new pair of shoes, a desk chair, or even an envelope are designed, often the creators try to imagine every conceivable use and situation it might encounter in its life. But, what about afterwards?

: Are you suffering from vacation envy as you see your plans vanishing due to skyrocketing prices for gas and airline tickets? Go on a staycation. Save money, avoid crowds, and arrive back at work relaxed and refreshed.

: Our children are putting at least five hours a day in front of electronic screens but only 15 minutes a day outside. Get the kids communing with nature with an outdoor sleepover party.

: Christie”s of London recently auctioned off one of Pete Townshend’s guitars for over $27,000. The money will donated to the U.S.A. based group Alliance for Sustainability to support their various ecological projects.

: Should our vitamins be treated like prescription drugs? Should prescription drug be fast tracked onto the market without clinical testing?

: For Canadians lucky enough to have one in their neighbourhood, Loblaw has become the place to shop for sensible green products and organic produce at reasonable prices.