Club4Climate sets a Global standard for Clubbing to go Green

By on November 7th, 2008

Each week millions upon millions of exuberant human beings head out of their houses and into nightclubs to expend large amounts of energy on the dancefloor. Whilst it may not be the pastime of everyone there’s no denying this a powerful resource. Could it really be possible to harness this energy and help save the planet? One person believes so and on Thursday 10th July in King’s Cross, Dr.Earth challenged club promoters the world over to embrace a greener future.

Club4Climate, the parent company owned by Andrew Charalambos launched Surya in King’s Cross, London as the UK’s first ecological club to create a green print for others to follow. Surya itself goes beyond the concept of sustainability and into the realm of ecology. It generates surplus energy and recognizes the need to engender a ‘gentle revolution’ which can include millions and not the few (as can be seen in this ten point manifesto outlined by Dr. Earth which can

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be easily adopted by bars, clubs and pubs all over the world).

Surya is only the second ecological club on the planet, a flagship venture and a pioneer of ecological excellence. The club has an energy, self-generating dancefloor which by combining materials such as quartz crystals, ceramics, cutting edge technology and the dancing motion of clubbers generates enough energy to power up to 50% of the clubs energy requirements. A wind turbine and a solar energy system makes the club 100% fully sustainable. Its advanced alternative energy system is so effective that it will produce a surplus of electricity which is freely donated to the private residents closest to the building. The club has also installed the latest air flush, waterless urinals and low flush toilets, as well as automatic taps to ensure maximum water saving. Even the air conditioning units are ecological.

There is no greater universal language that unites people than music and no greater convergence of the diversity of peoples which populate our planet than the international clubbing circuit. Working against climate change is not only duty but can be serious fun and club4climate and Surya provide a platform to dance towards a greener future.




Dr. Earth’s 25 greener steps: