Clean Coal Air Freshener

By on February 26th, 2009

When it comes to TV commercials, big corporation will pay big money to make you believe that they can offer you a good product and. Recently the environment is one of the biggest tools for selling a product. Everything is GREEN. Green soap, green cars, green toys, green clothing and much more. The biggest innovation on the market right now are green off shore drilling and clean coal. So they say. Exxon mobile has been one off the worst when it comes to lobbying. Or should I say the best?

Exxon mobile spent many million dollars to make people believe in their idea. The idea that oil is not bad for the environment. Now when you watch TV you can see Clean Coal commercials. The objective of these commercials is to tell the public that they have developed a CleanER Coal. Cleaner is the keyword.


If you think about it. Coal is nowhere close to being clean. So how clean can coal be? No cleaner then it was before. There is still the processes of transforming the gross resources into the “clean coal”. So overall the effects are really close from being the same.

I hope that president Obama will do his best to prevent the coal industry from growing and I hope he brings it down.

The tar sands in Alberta Canada are among the issues concerning green house gas. Next time I’ll give an overview of the effects this oil monster has on the environment and the people that are victims of it.