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By on February 15th, 2009

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By on February 6th, 2009

Jael De Pardo visits the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas to see what one electronics company is doing to address the growing cell phone e-waste problem.

By on January 2nd, 2009

200plus sheets of paper

Now that my final exams are over I can finally get back to writing more stuff.

Since I’m just out of exams I think it would be a great time to write about how students that usually are eco-conscious are  giving less or even no attention at all to the way they consume during this period of time.

You have to admit that when your in an exam period you just don’t have the time to cook yourself diner or even make yourself a proper lunch to bring along to your study group. So what is the easy thing to do?

What most of us do is go to the closest subway or fast food restaurant and grab something that’s cheap to be able to go back to studying as quickly as possible. I would even say that eating at the University’s cafeteria is not even an option for me since you pay more for the same fast food you can find just outside of campus. If your a guy like me who’s in the gym at least 4 days a week you have to have something big to fill you stomach. That’s one more reason why the University’s cafeteria is simply not an option. If you think of all the paper wraps and plastic bags and plastic utensils that are used in fast food restaurants, it’s truly not the best way to ease off on the environment.

So that’s the round up on food. Now let’s talk about paper. If you take a look at the picture at the top of this article, you’ll see the amount of wasted paper that is created during a two week study period. It’s completely unbelievable. In normal times I try to never use paper. Every chance I get I use my laptop to do my school work and I give my final product to my teachers via email. But when you have 2 different math courses in the same semester, you just can’t do that. If you’re asking yourself why, you should know that the only way to do good in math is to practise. If anyone can tell me what could be a better way to do this I would be glad to put my paper aside and go with it. I would be the fist to spread the word on a more eco friendly way to study math. If you take the 200 plus sheets of paper used in my 2 weeks of studying multiplied by all the students in all the University’s, that’s a whole bunch of trees that c0uld be spared.

So if you have any suggestion on a more eco-friendly way to study, please feel free to share with all of us.

By on November 15th, 2008

Hitchsters is an easy-to-use website that conveniently connects travelers going to and from airports so that they can share a ride (and thus split the fare). The Hitchsters.com matching system makes riding in a car to the airport more affordable, more convenient, safer, and more environmentally-friendly.

This idea is especially great because of the fact that traveling by airplane is nothing close to eco-friendly. Hitchsters.com launched this week in the San Francisco Bay Area and they plan to expand to other cities in the near future.

Hitchsters.com helps match people looking to ride-share on the way to or from the airport (SFO, OAK & SJC) and hooks them up with a high-quality, yet inexpensive car service. By doing so a person saves on average $21/ride and reduces their carbon footprint by 30 lbs compared to taking a cab alone.

Hitchsters.com are trying to get the word out to help people save some money and save the environment a bit too. They’ve already launched in NYC and were honored last year by Time Magazine when they were named one of the “50 Best Websites of 2007”.

How it works (form Hitchsters.com website):

How it works

Log in to your MyHitchsters account, enter your trip itinerary, and select your saved location. (Not there? Add a new one to your MyHitchsters profile).

When matched, you will be notified with a text message and e-mail containing the first name and cell phone of your co-rider (nothing else is shared). As an additional safety feature, we preserve the phone numbers of all of the successful matches.

A partnering car service calls each party to arrange the ride.

If you are sharing a ride to the airport, then you will only be matched with someone else who is leaving from your area to go to the same airport. If you are sharing a ride from the airport, you will only be matched with someone who is on the same flight (no worries about late flights) and going to the same area you are.

After your trip, you will have an opportunity to evaluate your co-rider, and the limo company, with a “thumbs-up” or “thumbs-down” rating.

By on November 2nd, 2008

I haven”t posted for a while, and it”s mostly due to sloth.  But it”s also due to my previous mindset about talkgreen: I really like posting about new energy-saving gadgets or new green technology.  So, if in searching the web for weeks at a time, nothing really “pops” to me, like a new type of dog-powered lawnmower (I am working on this) or a way to heat your pool geothermally (probably only feasible if you live near a volcano), then I nod off at my computer and don”t post.

But today I started feeling guilty about my absence from the talkgreen community.  So I decided simply to post about something that”s been on my mind, something that hits me where I live.

The laziness factor.  I”ve got it bad, and it often makes me a poor environmentalist.

For instance: this plagues me when I go to the supermarket.  I keep old shopping bags in the hatchback of my Prius, the old paper-inside-plastic-with-handles deal, with the intent to re-use them until they online slots literally fall apart.  I have proudly pointed them out to the odd automotive passenger as evidence of my holier-than-thou love of the Earth.

The problem is, at least 50% of the time I go food shopping, I arrive at the check-out counter and it hits me – I have left them in the car.  I”m an idiot, I think to myself.  I of course have the option of getting out of line and going to the car to get them — it would only take a minute or two.  But I”d have to give up my place in line, and often I”d have to put a few items back in my cart, the ones I had already loaded onto the unforgiving black conveyer belt.  Or I would have to make everyone behind me wait while I run out to the car, which I would find mortifying.  So although I usually berate myself for being lazy, I guess it is a combination of forgetfulness, embarrassment, and laziness, to be exact.  But, inevitably, I just slouch my shoulders, answer “plastic” and skulk out of the store, loading the groceries into my car on top of the saved bags, which silently mock me.

Now, reader, please understand, when I get home and put away my purchased items, I recycle the plastic bags.  I”m not a barbarian.

But neither am I the conscientious earth-first tree-hugger that I”d like to think I am.

I promise to work on it, and perhaps I”ll keep you posted.

By on October 30th, 2008

This has to be one of the best approach Greenpeace has taken to take action against Coal power. A funny James Bond like cartoon video featuring Graverson Green going against Cue Coalfinger a coal super villain trying to irreversibly change the Earths Climate by mass polluting with coal power. But the sad thing is Graverson Green can’t take Coalfinger alone. He needs our help.

In fact, coal lobbyist have been trying to say that we can produce power with Clean Coal. I don’t know where they got that because there is no such thing as Clean Coal. I would even say that clean and coal should never coexist in the same sentence.

The US is literally blowing the tops off of mountains to get at thin seams of coal which has damaged or destroyed about 1200 miles of streams. There are plans on the drawing board to build over 150 new coal plants in the US in the next few years, but 63 of these have already been stopped by environmental groups and people like you.

To learn more about the fight against

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coal power you can visit coalfinger.com. You will also be able to sign up and make a difference in this quest

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for a more sustainable future

By on October 28th, 2008

This video from Greenpeace features JFK speaking about the energy revolution. It”s sad to say that the people of this world have done short of nothing about the climate crisis and the worst part is that we have been aware of this for quite a long time now.

I was having diner with my folks the other day casino online and I started a conversation on this subject. The more I talked about it the more I got frustrated to the point where I couldn”t talk anymore.

All that to say that we must take action, get off our asses and make it happen. I can”t say it enough, 100% renewable energy in 10 years is possible.

P.S. Nuclear Power ISN”T renewable

By on October 25th, 2008

Thousands of tons of e-waste – such as discarded PCs, mobile phones and TVs – are dumped in Africa and Asia every year. Research shows that some of this waste is exported to Pakistan..In the Karachi district of Lyari, hundreds of workers, including teenage children, earn their livelihoods by dismantling the electronic scrap and extracting valuable components such as copper to sell. This is a insight into the personal cost of e-waste.

Manufactures can help ensure the problem of toxic e-waste is solved. Find out which companies are doing the most to tackle the problem.

©Greenpeace/Robert Knoth