Almost Waterless Clothes Washing?

By on June 10th, 2008

I read an article online today claiming that researchers in the UK had discovered a way to wash clothes using only approximately 1 cup of water!  Here’s the article:


They claim that the clothes not only get just as clean, with lipstick and coffee stains removed, but also come out of the washer practically dry, eliminating the need for dryers.  If this is true, this technology should catch on like wildfire.  The savings of not having to use much water, not having to heat much water, and not having to dry clothes by gas or electric would be environmentally and financially huge.

But here’s the catch, maybe.  The new cleaning technique involves “the use of plastic granules (or chips) tumbled with the clothes to help clean them.”  Granules — that sounds an awful lot like dirt, doesn’t it?  And how do I get these little plastic thingies out of my clothes?  Aren’t I just going to keep finding hundreds of them in my pockets?  The article doesn’t say.

Reminds me a little bit of a comedian who, in the eighties, did a bit about beer shampoo.  Remember beer shampoo?  This guy said, beer: isn’t that what I’m trying to wash out of of my hair?