About talkgreen

Thanks for stopping by TalkGreen. This weblog was founded by Frederick Carle in Spring 2008 as a way of sharing thoughts and findings about environmental issues and products. Fred and his team of writers are committed to bringing readers the most up-to-date stories and information related to green living, including posts on business, technology, fashion, politics, and even raising earth friendly kids. Though we love to gab about anything green, we don’t want to do all of the talking. Please take a moment to leave a comment if you’ve got something to say. You can do your part to help spread the green word by hugging or digging our stories!

Frederick Carle

Creator, Webmaster, Writer

Frederick Carle is currently a student at the University of Ottawa studying electronics engineering. He’s the kind of guy that enjoys being in the great outdoors and likes to take care of his environment. But his love and devotion towards planet earth really started about 2 years ago. It was the book “Earth In The Balance” by Al Gore that changed his life. Since then, Fred has been promoting a sustainable lifestyle to the people around him. He believes that the fate of this planet is in the hands of each and every one of us. TalkGreen is a way for Fred to spread the word and inform the people. His goal is to build a team of writers that will represent the entire population of the world. Writers from China, Russia, France, Brazil and more are encouraged to join the team so that readers can benefit from a global perspective on environmental issues.

Tara Benwell

Editor, Writer

Tara Benwell is a freelance writer and editor who specializes in materials and articles for the ESL industry. Since trading her teaching career for self employment five years ago, Tara has been telecommuting throughout Canada, the U.S. and Asia, working with educational content producers and publishers. Self employment has allowed Tara the flexibility required to balance career, fiction writing, and motherhood. Tara’s young children are a daily reminder of the importance of caring for the earth. TalkGreen is a great platform for Tara to share her ideas on raising environmentally conscious kids. Tara invites families worldwide to join her in observing a monthly Earth Hour on the last Saturday of each month. Visit Tara’s website or blog to learn more about her adventures as a writer, mother, and green earth lover.

Brian Snedeker


Brian Snedeker, a Boston area native, has lived in hot, dry, smoggy Los Angeles for nearly twenty years. Most of those years have been spent at Disney as an executive supervising live-action and animated family movies. (He took a few year hiatus to work at the Jim Henson Company.) His concern about planet Earth has been growing for the past several years. In addition to he and his wife owning a Prius and a Highlander Hybrid, he struggles constantly to consume less energy and fewer natural resources. This includes following his 14-year-old-stepson around turning off lights. Brian’s excited about the idea of Talkgreen, and hopes that he can contribute not only enthusiasm but also a healthy sense of skepticism, irreverance, and fun.

Brad Cartier


Brad Cartier currently resides in Ottawa with his fiancé and is a graduate student at the University of Ottawa, studying in the field of criminology and Aboriginal justice. He has spent time working as a researcher for Correctional Service Canada in the field of Restorative Justice, as well as an assistant working with Indian Residential Schools Resolution Canada. Brad has also been a member of the Canadian Forces for the past five years, and works in the Reserves as an Intelligence Officer.
Between playing squash, watching hockey, and listening to music, Brad spends as much time camping and hiking both in Ottawa and all over Canada. Also as an avid writer, Brad hopes to pursue this as a career, writing about subjects such as Aboriginal Canadians, Arctic issues, and environmental topics.

Nicole McCallum


Nicole McCallum is the Co-Founder of TheGreenRocket.com, a spinning instructor and an Honours Economics and Global Studies student at Wilfrid Laurier University, specializing in development economics and ecotourism with the goal of achieving sustainable and equitable development internationally. She lives by the idea that even the smallest of decisions made can have a greater effect than ever thought possible, and thus any individual CAN have an effect on the world, and a group of committed individuals can certainly change it.

Nicole is an avid traveler and opportunity-taker, as well as a lover of sunshine, love, people, kittens (all animals, but especially kittens), fitness, yoga, soccer, and laughter, amongst many other things. She strives to be the unreasonable woman, as described by Georgina Bernardette Shaw: ‘The reasonable woman adapts herself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to herself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable women.’