A world made of glass presented by Corning

By on March 7th, 2011

Imagine a world where everything that surrounds you is made of glass. But not the usual kind. This glass is interactive and tactile in a way that you could think of it as a giant iPad. This could be part of a more eco conscious future reducing our use of paper to almost nothing. If you pay attention to the details in this video, you will see that the waste reduction is not only limited to paper. Right at the beginning, you see the house windows changing shades to allow the sun to come through. This means no more need for blinds or curtains. When the guy operates the stove, you see that there is no more need for switches, buttons or other analog controls. This may not seam like much, but put all those little things together and you get big results. Also, glass is very clean compared to plastic or other petroleum based compounds.

On an economic standpoint, we could see a boom in the advertising market. New ways of connecting with customers and in the process, a new shopping experience. In fact, there is a wide variety of jobs that would be created to support all this glass display infrastructure. From the worker putting it together to the one installing the system and everything in between.

To sum it up, this would really be the world at our fingertips.