A New Beginning Towards A More Eco-Concious Lifestyle

By on March 14th, 2012

Last September, I moved in to my new apartment. What I like about it is that it’s close to most of what I need to live my day to day life. Within 15 minutes of walk, I have 2 grocery stores (and soon there will be 3), a hardware store, clothing stores, a pharmacy and something like 5 different banks.

short walk to grocery store

But since September of 2011, almost every time I had to get something from the grocery store, I took my car. Now, for the past week I’ve been telling myself that I should start, or should I say return to my eco-coucious habits. Winter is almost out of the way in my part of Canada so I think it’s a perfect time for take action on my environmental footprint.

I also intend on going to bed earlier. This will most likely result in less electricity usage since light will be on for shorter periods of time.

So as I’m finishing writing this post, I’ll be walking to the grocery store to buy what I need for tomorrows breakfast and lunch. Let me know what you do to make a difference in your community in terms of your environmental footprint.